Thursday, 5 July 2012

Freak Weather Wimbledon

Well, well, well, what a damp squib of a Summer we've been having! What was once the default small talk du jour of polite society has of ate become a legitimate talking point across the spectrum- we mean of course the weather. In a week where the met office has forecast a months rain in just 48 hours, we've been left with not only a broccoli crisis; but also something of a conundrum when it comes to what you ought to have on your feet.

You might well be wondering what on earth to wear on your feet (aside from going about barefoot and hoping for accelerated Darwinism to leave you emerging webbed by the weekend....anyway we digress) since, despite the weather this season seems packed with events that are both inside and out. We've a had a little look at some weird and wonderful solutions to avoiding wet pinkies across the Summer (whilst remaining presentable of course).

Creep home and dry.
Why not glide through puddles in this seasons conveniently-on-trend Brothel Creeper? The added height might help you to stay above the groundwater- allowing you safe passage along marginally flooded pavement (don't forget to protect the suede though!) Here at Tinfish we've got four great colourways in these creepers by Bronx that you can choose from, cute with skater skirts or skinny jeans- they're just perfect in anticipation of the inevitable preppy looks that will be sneaking out for the 'back to school' season this fall.

Although the creeper look does lend itself nicely to a mannish look- if you're after something a wee bit more feminine, you might want to try these Lilac versions, a nice pastel twist on a retro classic.

Slightly form over function our heads were turned by the Lazy Oaf and Jeffrey Campbell creeper selection, these sky scraping heels would even pass as an onto the ark shoe for Noah, their 'Trotter'style will allow you to do just that, despite the rising tides. To browse their blog on this, click here.

Under Canvas?
If you haven't been deterred by the experience of festival goers at the Isle of Wight last week and are wondering how you'll survive the festival season without spending your weekend with your feet encased in a pair of Dunlops, why not take a peek at our selection of Crocs? No longer just an array of khaki coloured clogs for happy campers, this seasons selection of Crocs have blended style with classic Crocs practicality.
Our run away winner has been without a doubt the crocband flat shoe, available in red and navy blue, with elastic inserts for a fantastic fit and a cute mid-sole stripe that gives these cheeky nautical shoes a great sporty fit. A lovely shoe for camping- and beach holidays you can kick these on and off whenever you need.

Something for the fellas
If you're after something to hop into this summer why not take a look at our selection of Superga? Now, granted these are a canvas shoe, but unlike Converse they've got a tougher upper and a great vulcanized rubber sole, making them a good choice for light showers. This classic styling goes well with a range of outfits- and in classic shades like dark bordo and ultramarine- can easily pass for a smart casual shoe.

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