Monday, 25 July 2011

Ahoy there!

....It's been a little while since we last posted to our blogger- mainly since we've been running about more than a pack of ferrets on speed sorting out our MASSIVE summer sale in store.(worry not web-fans reductions online are IMMINENT)
There's been more than a few bargains to be had, and things here have been quite rushed indeed. Not quite on the scale of the famous brick lane rummage sale disaster: as hosted by American Apparel last April. Shoppers had been promised a rummage sale of epic proportion by the too-cool-for-school brand, and since the response to a promised bargain drew all of London's Hoxton heroes en masse the event had to be cancelled, and no-one got and Lycra-based bargain. Sad. (You can find out more about that little episode here.)
Now although we haven't had any rioting thank goodness, we have been subject to a little bit of misdemeanour, since someone broke our front window this weekend. Most sad indeed.

However, optimistically looking ahead to next season, there's quite a few new styles making their first tentative steps onto the shelves. The lovely sweet ending from Poetic Licence is a particularly nice addition, beautiful court heel, ribbon fastening and lacework detailing make this shoes absolutely top-banana for weddings and all-day functions- in the up-coming cooler months it might even pass for a Christmas shoe!!

So, its not all sale stress and nere-do-wells, keep check out home-page for more lovely new arrivals!

That's all for now folks, oh, and by the way, do feel free to comment on the above and pitch any other ideas for future blog-matter. (no phone hacking encouraged )
Over and out!
Tinfish. x.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

De-brief, in brief

SO, a quick update post converse viewing in the fine old metropolis of Brum. We've got some treats in store....50s polka dot, classic converse looks, ways to wear your hi-tops even in the rain....and special edition from none other than Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz fame!

All of these will be heading onto the shelves around September time. So get yourself ready for some fine fresh threads for the Autumn!

For now however, you can satisfy yourselves with the fact that something exciting is coming our way this weekend...... (mmmm munching on a mystery- lovely stuff!)

Over and out, longer letter later.
Tinfish. x

Friday, 8 July 2011

Who gives a chuck?!

Indeed who does give a chuck? The good folks here at Tinfish for one. The most intrepid Mr.Mellor and Miss W. are heading over to Birmingham this morning to check out the latest crop of everyones' favourite sneaker. Geeking a go-go we've had a little look into the history of the best-selling basketball shoe of all time. Another person who most certainly gave a chuck, was the great Mr.Taylor of course, after whom converse hi-tops are named. Despite being their namesake, Taylor did not in fact design the shoes. However, having worn them as a college basketball player he was to suggest the key modifications to the design that make them what they are today. Because of his sheer enthusiasm and commitment to his brand, Taylor became known as something of a sales evangelist. Earning a salary but no commission on the 600 million pairs of cons with his name on: Taylor spent a deal of his working life cruising the US with a boot full of sneakers and living out of a storage unit. Of course converse are now a little more than a simple sports shoe- being the look of choice for any aspiring indie star/let and festival-goers everywhere. Although getting hold of a new pair, I have to say I have a worrying tendency to become over-attached to mine. I went to great pains to extend the shelf life of my beloved Sailor Jerry Special editions, beer mats, old debit cars and duct tape all provided a temporary sole of sorts- beyond the stage when they couldn't be passed on to anything but the gaping mouth of a black bin liner (they are needless to say sadly missed) Currently the most tempting replacements seem to be the heroes and villains DC specials, justice league on one, their nemeses on t'other.

Anyhow, on to evangelising of another kind. Seems the Fishettes have become most keen on miss Kate Garey! For those of you who are unfamiliar, her kitschy designs have been popping up in the staffroom in the form of new accessories so often that the powers that be have been persuaded to stock her lovely things! hooray! We've got a whole bunch of her lovely stuff landing n store for next season, be prepared for appliqued, time for tea owls and stripes! Fearne Cotton has already been spotted toting her coffee casual bag. And we can't wait to get her thing in stock.

On the bag front, this week's big Wednesday has seen the spotlight fall on our Nica Aretha slouch bag. A great holiday option, with enough room for bikinis sunscreen and a towel as well as your battered phrasebook and some audaciously large shades. We lovely its vintage abstract floral patters and lovely lining. So much so we've taken 25% off this style to make it easier for you to get your mitts on it!

Right that's just about it for now, next time: we'll fill you in on what treats we've got in store post-converse buying, and anything else we can think of!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Happy Birthday to us!

Well, well, well, seem like its time for another update for the week. And what busy old bees we've been. Old being the operative word. Tinfish shoes is turning 20!! This weekend, just like the queen, we've decided to have 2 birthdays, but in a slightly more convenient twist, we've pasted them side by side this Saturday and Sunday (25th and 26th June).

Thinking on the birthday track, we've been very much enjoying the selection of birthday pictures at Awkward Family Photos. If any of you are unfamiliar with this online festival of childhood shame and awkwardness, you can laugh out loud at other people's cherished memories here.

So this week we've decided not to pursue our regular Big Wednesday treats. Now, although some of you might think this is miserly, just you wait till you pop in store over the weekend. As a very happy birthday to you gift, we'll be chopping 20% off everything in store and online. For the whole of Saturday and Sunday! I know unbelievable right? (Its normally the person having the birthday getting gifts not giving them out.)

Excuse the brief update, but up to our eyes in helium balloons, streamers and discount stickers.

I suppose we should spare a thought for the lovely miss white, as she wades through the Glastonbury mud with a smile faithfully heading to see Prof green. Yes we know, what a guilty pleasure.

For now then, if any of you have a birthday reminiscence to share with us, or any musical guilty pleasures for this year, do feel free to comment below.

Tinfish x

Friday, 17 June 2011

Espadrilles and festivals!

E- specially for you all this week, we've gotten our hands on some more of whats quickly becoming the shoe du jour for all faithfull followers of fashion this season, yup that's right- the espadrille.

S-o summer and lovely are these fab shoes, that we have in fact sold out of the Havaianas espadrilles once already! But, fear not footwear fans; our latest shipment of these amazingly comfortable slip-ons arrived yesterday- but they are zooming off the shelves fast. On a classic Havaianas style flip flop sole with a light canvas upper- they can even be popped into the wash on a cool/handwash cycle and let to air dry, any time you need to spruce them up.

P-erhaps because of their easy comfort level and summery care free pull-me-on-kick-me-off vibes, these shoes seem to scream summer!

A-ny tempted espadrille-enthusiasts can find out more about these great Havaianas incarnations here.

D-edicated as per, to a little pursuit of shoe geekery, I've delved into a bit of espadrille research. Although the word espadrille is french, the froggies got their name for the shoes from the Catalan espadenya which in turn comes from the naem of a touch grass used for making rope. Apparently espadrilles have been made in Catalonia as back as far at the 14th century (wowser!).

R-eally dedicated silver screen fans will be interested to know that the lovely Lauren Bacall made espadrilles famous when she wore a pair whilst starring in Key Largo (1948) alongside the vertically challenged but no less dishy Humphrey Bogart. Pictured right (isn't she lovely?)

I-n fact, as I draft this post, I'm even sporting a pair. (talk about believing you own hype!) not quite the ankle-strapping beauties that Ms.Bacall's wearing here, but some of the lace-up variety. A kind of dek's/espadrilles love-child, you might say.

L-ovely and comfy, my pair are by Pipps, a summer new-comer to Tinfish!Lace-up slip-on and even sling-back these shoes hit instore and online this week and, like their Havaianas counterpart are proving to be a real mover and shaker.

L-ike the Havaianas, Pipps are an absolute snip, at only 15 notes per pair, you can find out more about them here.

E-nough wiht the espadrilles, you might be thinking, so I'll use the rest of this short time in blogg-kingdom to update you on the latest of our weekly BIG Wednesday treats.

S-ince its festival season, between us the fishettes will be attending: Bestival, Sonisphere, Glastonbury, possibly Summer Sunday and there's a scant chance one of us might be attending ATP- it's exhausting even thinking about it!! With the exception of ATP, all of these musical wonders presents something of a footwear challenge. SO this week we've given everyone a chance to stay dry and stylish, without being shackled to a pair of hunters, or adopting the sainos-bag-over-foot look. We've taken 25% off Posh Wellies, Moonstone.

That's just about it for this weeks whistle-stop festival espadrille extravaganza. Espadrille fan or not please leave us a few comments below.

Next week, we'll be inviting you to an exclusive celebration of our 20 years in footwear, and updating you on plans for Independent retailers day here in good old Leicester. Also, a little more shoes geeking and big Wednesday treating.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Tinfish xx

Friday, 10 June 2011

Grandaddys of style

Hello again! If you've ever racially stereotyped the dutch as simple lovers of good hash cakes and finely tuned bicycles, then shame on you!

Did you know they also make great sneakers? The good people at Goliath have been producing precision engineered sneakers since the opoening of hteir first factory in Tillburg, the Netherlands in 1925. Oringinally producing football boots in winter and cricket shoes in summer they have since expanded their style ranges, keeping the classic vintage sportswear look and adding a 21st century twist. This week we've applied our Big Wednesday 20% to Goliaths mighty Boycott sneakers in a lovely yellow/grey and navy/khaki colour-combo.

One of the things we love about this shoe is its slight grandad chic. As a proud lover of my grandparents cast-offs, I seem to get most of my style from somewhere between old slacks from my Gramps and deliciously hideous blouses from my Nanna. That being the case, its pretty fortunate that vintage clothes are in something of a boom at the moment. Here in Leicester (where we are) the latest fairs in the sumtuous surroundings of the cathederal caused a real boom!

On the grandad trail, none other than Mr. Robbie Williams has decided to name his forthcoming men's fashion lable Farrell. No, this is not after cheeky-chappy and all round Irish hearthrob Colin, or well known american hip-hop ledgend Farrell Wiliams; but in fact, after his grand-daddy-o Jack. Ah, how sweet! The collection should be appearing in House of Fraser this coming Autumn.

Now then ladies, don't think we've forgotten you! This week blink Lyric in both Dark Brown and Bronze have been given that 20% touch too. These beaded, all-leather sandals with a heel zip are a lovely option for anoyone wanting to head down the easy-glamour maxi-skirt route this season. Super-flats seem to be all over the place this season, whether the un-assuming ballet pump or the centurian-esq gladiator sandal, its look like comfort might be key for this summer look.

Here at Tinfish we've been getting very excited about Independant Retailers Month, this coming July, and especially, Independant Retailers Day, on July 4th. A lovely day aimed to encourage consumers to buy at least one thing from their local indie retailer. You can find out a little bit more about it here. If you've got any ideas how we can celebrate down here in shoe-land then please leave your comments below!

Thats about all for this Friday's speedy blog,

Next Time: another Big Wednesday dealio, another update on plans for independant retailers day, and possibly a touch more shoe-history


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Use Your Loaf

SO as promised we're back with yet more lovely BIG Wednesday action for you. This week the spotlight's on Baracuta Isaac (Miller) II for all you dudes; a style they tell us: '(...)any self respecting mod would fight for' and we quite agree(especially since we've chopped 20% off them)!! Originally rendered cool by a range of 60s icons, Baracuta has been creating signature British menswear since 1937(golly gosh!).

Perhaps their most famous face is Steve McQueen, who made the G9 Harrington iconic when he wore it in sexy heist movie: 'The Thomas Crowne Affair' in whice he starred with Faye Dunaway (not too sound too nerdy but the original by far outstrips the 1999 re-make -sorry Mr. Brosnan). Despite Monsieur McQueens affinity with Baracuta, its Isaac Miller-one of the original Baracuta Brothers- who's name is used in the eponymous shoe! He was responsible for the expansion of Baracuta into the American market in the 1950s (good fellow!)

Heists and great British rainwear aside, we thought we'd dip into the history of the loafer just a little since they seem to be just about everywhere right now, the footwear of choice for all dedicated followers of fashion- of either gender!

Originally Loafers appeared in the USA named Weejuns (a cute nod to the Norwegian Cattle farmers whose moccasin style shoes inspired them). The style gained the name 'penny loafers' when students used the handy pockets inside the shoes to keep a dime for telephone calls (always nice to be able to contact you mum!). These days just about everybody from James Dean to Kelly Osbourne like to don a loafer from time to time. Here at Tinfish we like their comfortable yet stylish appearance, and 'falling in love in a library' geek-chic vibes.

under fire from stylistic as well as fiscal angles, we enjoyed reading the Guardian's appraisal of David Cameron's holiday wardrobe. The Cameron's have been having a few month of style-critique following Ms. Cameron's decision not to don a hat for the royal wedding. Now it seems Mr.C has been boring beach-lovers of Ibiza with his less-than- inspiring garb. Pity he didn't opt for a Baracuta Isaac II in nice conservative blue suede- that might have kept his feet on-trend at least, and with our Big Wednesday discount its a great mid-recession saving :P(Come on Dave!)

For all of you loafer ladies, we've been happily unwrapping the latest offering from super-fun time Spanish brand Coolway. These new kids .on the block made their debut in AW10 with some great brogues and brogue ankle boots, which totally sold out!!Look out for their ladies tassel loafers, the MOKA in chocolate and beige, currently instore and online soon!!

Now, don't you go thinking we've forgotten you girlies out there. Blowfish Laco is also getting a bit of a snip. We've shaved 20% off their price too!! These gladiator style sandals are a nice way to top off jeans and maxi-skirts especially since they have a the added 'tude of stud detailing , and they come in grey and whiskey! (the colour not a bottle of Johnnie Walker-now that really would be something!)

Well, in the words of the Looney Tunes, 'That's all folks!'
Next time: More mid-week mayhem, in another Big Wednesday reduction, a peek at some more summer options that have been hitting out shelves, and well anything else we can cram in!!

In the meantime if anyone has any nominations for the Big Wednesday shoe of the week, please leave your comments below.


Friday, 27 May 2011

Prodigal blog

SO... following a lengthy absence from the world of Blogging, Tinfish is back with avengence! new blogs will(we hope) be coming thick and fast to keep you in touch with whats going on on the Tinfish universe, lovely new things on the shelves, a few random thoughts from the cerebral realm of the Fishettes and a whole host of other lovely things.

This week sees the second in our BIG Wednesday promotions. Something of a bid to make mid-week just a touch more bearable, this week there's something for all sartorial gals and guys. £20 off Fly Yuna and Hudson Mesquite.

Since the Mesquite is probably best described as the beautifully crafted, naughty-nautical love-child of a boat shoe and an ankle boot, we've been rooting around in the life and times of the oh-so-now-darrrrling boat shoe look.

Originally designed by Paul Sperry in 1935 the deck shoe was originally launched in the US and was apparently inspired by the paws of Sperry's pooch. As an avid sailor Sperry grew tired of slipping on deck (quite embarassing me' hearties)- so he added the same pattern of grooves he'd seen on the paws of mans best friend as a way of preserving his dignity.

These days the deck shoe is more of a fashion over function idea, seen on celebs from Arnold Schwarzenegger to it-gal Alexa Chung. We've had a whole host hitting our shelves, from the Vagabond Marcella to the Nanny State Churchill. Whatever the reason for their new found popularity, its probably their high comfort level that makes them such a winner.

This week we Fishettes have been positively scandalized by the ban of Marmite in Denmark. Whose government aren't keen on the levels of Vitamin B fortification in this yeasty treat. As avid lovers of its salty taste (especially in in a cheese toastie), we can hardly believe it! On the 'love it or hate it' front, the 'flatform' has been a slight bone of contention. Similar to a platform, but with less of a heel and all of the height they're all over the place this summer. We love this touch of japanimania, perhaps best seen in the Irregular Choice Sling Bling.
Groovy Geisha, of farcical flatform? Discuss.

That's all for now folks.
Next time: Antoher Big Wednesday winner, a little more shoe geeking and anything else that catches our eye!

Tinfish x