Friday, 27 May 2011

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SO... following a lengthy absence from the world of Blogging, Tinfish is back with avengence! new blogs will(we hope) be coming thick and fast to keep you in touch with whats going on on the Tinfish universe, lovely new things on the shelves, a few random thoughts from the cerebral realm of the Fishettes and a whole host of other lovely things.

This week sees the second in our BIG Wednesday promotions. Something of a bid to make mid-week just a touch more bearable, this week there's something for all sartorial gals and guys. £20 off Fly Yuna and Hudson Mesquite.

Since the Mesquite is probably best described as the beautifully crafted, naughty-nautical love-child of a boat shoe and an ankle boot, we've been rooting around in the life and times of the oh-so-now-darrrrling boat shoe look.

Originally designed by Paul Sperry in 1935 the deck shoe was originally launched in the US and was apparently inspired by the paws of Sperry's pooch. As an avid sailor Sperry grew tired of slipping on deck (quite embarassing me' hearties)- so he added the same pattern of grooves he'd seen on the paws of mans best friend as a way of preserving his dignity.

These days the deck shoe is more of a fashion over function idea, seen on celebs from Arnold Schwarzenegger to it-gal Alexa Chung. We've had a whole host hitting our shelves, from the Vagabond Marcella to the Nanny State Churchill. Whatever the reason for their new found popularity, its probably their high comfort level that makes them such a winner.

This week we Fishettes have been positively scandalized by the ban of Marmite in Denmark. Whose government aren't keen on the levels of Vitamin B fortification in this yeasty treat. As avid lovers of its salty taste (especially in in a cheese toastie), we can hardly believe it! On the 'love it or hate it' front, the 'flatform' has been a slight bone of contention. Similar to a platform, but with less of a heel and all of the height they're all over the place this summer. We love this touch of japanimania, perhaps best seen in the Irregular Choice Sling Bling.
Groovy Geisha, of farcical flatform? Discuss.

That's all for now folks.
Next time: Antoher Big Wednesday winner, a little more shoe geeking and anything else that catches our eye!

Tinfish x

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