Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Use Your Loaf

SO as promised we're back with yet more lovely BIG Wednesday action for you. This week the spotlight's on Baracuta Isaac (Miller) II for all you dudes; a style they tell us: '(...)any self respecting mod would fight for' and we quite agree(especially since we've chopped 20% off them)!! Originally rendered cool by a range of 60s icons, Baracuta has been creating signature British menswear since 1937(golly gosh!).

Perhaps their most famous face is Steve McQueen, who made the G9 Harrington iconic when he wore it in sexy heist movie: 'The Thomas Crowne Affair' in whice he starred with Faye Dunaway (not too sound too nerdy but the original by far outstrips the 1999 re-make -sorry Mr. Brosnan). Despite Monsieur McQueens affinity with Baracuta, its Isaac Miller-one of the original Baracuta Brothers- who's name is used in the eponymous shoe! He was responsible for the expansion of Baracuta into the American market in the 1950s (good fellow!)

Heists and great British rainwear aside, we thought we'd dip into the history of the loafer just a little since they seem to be just about everywhere right now, the footwear of choice for all dedicated followers of fashion- of either gender!

Originally Loafers appeared in the USA named Weejuns (a cute nod to the Norwegian Cattle farmers whose moccasin style shoes inspired them). The style gained the name 'penny loafers' when students used the handy pockets inside the shoes to keep a dime for telephone calls (always nice to be able to contact you mum!). These days just about everybody from James Dean to Kelly Osbourne like to don a loafer from time to time. Here at Tinfish we like their comfortable yet stylish appearance, and 'falling in love in a library' geek-chic vibes.

under fire from stylistic as well as fiscal angles, we enjoyed reading the Guardian's appraisal of David Cameron's holiday wardrobe. The Cameron's have been having a few month of style-critique following Ms. Cameron's decision not to don a hat for the royal wedding. Now it seems Mr.C has been boring beach-lovers of Ibiza with his less-than- inspiring garb. Pity he didn't opt for a Baracuta Isaac II in nice conservative blue suede- that might have kept his feet on-trend at least, and with our Big Wednesday discount its a great mid-recession saving :P(Come on Dave!)

For all of you loafer ladies, we've been happily unwrapping the latest offering from super-fun time Spanish brand Coolway. These new kids .on the block made their debut in AW10 with some great brogues and brogue ankle boots, which totally sold out!!Look out for their ladies tassel loafers, the MOKA in chocolate and beige, currently instore and online soon!!

Now, don't you go thinking we've forgotten you girlies out there. Blowfish Laco is also getting a bit of a snip. We've shaved 20% off their price too!! These gladiator style sandals are a nice way to top off jeans and maxi-skirts especially since they have a the added 'tude of stud detailing , and they come in grey and whiskey! (the colour not a bottle of Johnnie Walker-now that really would be something!)

Well, in the words of the Looney Tunes, 'That's all folks!'
Next time: More mid-week mayhem, in another Big Wednesday reduction, a peek at some more summer options that have been hitting out shelves, and well anything else we can cram in!!

In the meantime if anyone has any nominations for the Big Wednesday shoe of the week, please leave your comments below.


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