Monday, 25 July 2011

Ahoy there!

....It's been a little while since we last posted to our blogger- mainly since we've been running about more than a pack of ferrets on speed sorting out our MASSIVE summer sale in store.(worry not web-fans reductions online are IMMINENT)
There's been more than a few bargains to be had, and things here have been quite rushed indeed. Not quite on the scale of the famous brick lane rummage sale disaster: as hosted by American Apparel last April. Shoppers had been promised a rummage sale of epic proportion by the too-cool-for-school brand, and since the response to a promised bargain drew all of London's Hoxton heroes en masse the event had to be cancelled, and no-one got and Lycra-based bargain. Sad. (You can find out more about that little episode here.)
Now although we haven't had any rioting thank goodness, we have been subject to a little bit of misdemeanour, since someone broke our front window this weekend. Most sad indeed.

However, optimistically looking ahead to next season, there's quite a few new styles making their first tentative steps onto the shelves. The lovely sweet ending from Poetic Licence is a particularly nice addition, beautiful court heel, ribbon fastening and lacework detailing make this shoes absolutely top-banana for weddings and all-day functions- in the up-coming cooler months it might even pass for a Christmas shoe!!

So, its not all sale stress and nere-do-wells, keep check out home-page for more lovely new arrivals!

That's all for now folks, oh, and by the way, do feel free to comment on the above and pitch any other ideas for future blog-matter. (no phone hacking encouraged )
Over and out!
Tinfish. x.

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