Friday, 8 July 2011

Who gives a chuck?!

Indeed who does give a chuck? The good folks here at Tinfish for one. The most intrepid Mr.Mellor and Miss W. are heading over to Birmingham this morning to check out the latest crop of everyones' favourite sneaker. Geeking a go-go we've had a little look into the history of the best-selling basketball shoe of all time. Another person who most certainly gave a chuck, was the great Mr.Taylor of course, after whom converse hi-tops are named. Despite being their namesake, Taylor did not in fact design the shoes. However, having worn them as a college basketball player he was to suggest the key modifications to the design that make them what they are today. Because of his sheer enthusiasm and commitment to his brand, Taylor became known as something of a sales evangelist. Earning a salary but no commission on the 600 million pairs of cons with his name on: Taylor spent a deal of his working life cruising the US with a boot full of sneakers and living out of a storage unit. Of course converse are now a little more than a simple sports shoe- being the look of choice for any aspiring indie star/let and festival-goers everywhere. Although getting hold of a new pair, I have to say I have a worrying tendency to become over-attached to mine. I went to great pains to extend the shelf life of my beloved Sailor Jerry Special editions, beer mats, old debit cars and duct tape all provided a temporary sole of sorts- beyond the stage when they couldn't be passed on to anything but the gaping mouth of a black bin liner (they are needless to say sadly missed) Currently the most tempting replacements seem to be the heroes and villains DC specials, justice league on one, their nemeses on t'other.

Anyhow, on to evangelising of another kind. Seems the Fishettes have become most keen on miss Kate Garey! For those of you who are unfamiliar, her kitschy designs have been popping up in the staffroom in the form of new accessories so often that the powers that be have been persuaded to stock her lovely things! hooray! We've got a whole bunch of her lovely stuff landing n store for next season, be prepared for appliqued, time for tea owls and stripes! Fearne Cotton has already been spotted toting her coffee casual bag. And we can't wait to get her thing in stock.

On the bag front, this week's big Wednesday has seen the spotlight fall on our Nica Aretha slouch bag. A great holiday option, with enough room for bikinis sunscreen and a towel as well as your battered phrasebook and some audaciously large shades. We lovely its vintage abstract floral patters and lovely lining. So much so we've taken 25% off this style to make it easier for you to get your mitts on it!

Right that's just about it for now, next time: we'll fill you in on what treats we've got in store post-converse buying, and anything else we can think of!

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  1. Hurray for kate geary! Love her stuff!