Thursday, 14 June 2012

The pitter patter of tiny feet.

We at Tinfish aren't sure why, but some things just look better in miniature!
Crocs Chameleons Blue and raspberry before
The same shoe after a good dose of sun!
It may just be a case of small things amusing small minds, but we'd defy anyone not to find our selection of kids shoes simply adorable. As a stockist of Kids Crocs for a while, we've decided to add a slash more fun to our usual collection by adding Croc Chameleons into the mix! These are lovely Crocs clogs- but with a twist! These great shoes change colour in bright sunlight- what better way to keep your little one in their shoes when the sun has got his hat on?!

Allo' Allo' Allo' What's Goin' on 'ere then?
All these cute small things put us in mind of Slinkachu, and internationally renowned street artist who specialises in the smallest of touches. His 'Little People in The City' project has been adorning the streets with tiny figures at work and play in the unlikeliest of places. He's been placing these microscopic installations on the streets of London since 2006, and has even released a book of his whimsical pieces- Yet more proof that the best things come in small packages! Check out his blog here:

Join the one for one movement.
And its not only the best footwear that comes in miniature- as our TOMS collection proves, great intentions come in little boxes too! Just like their hit espadrilles for grown-ups, each pair of Kids Tiny and Youth TOMS comes with the one for one guarantee- meaning for each pair of shoes you buy for the little feet you love puts a pair on the feet of a child that really needs them. Our selection this season includes a range of colours in classic Toms Canvas espadrilles- in youth as well as Tiny sizing. We've introduced two new styles- pink glitters, for little ladies who like to sparkle- and TOMS Tiny Botas, in black canvas and natural hessian finishes. These ankle boots offer even better support for those taking their first steps.

In terms of putting your best feet forward- what could be better than a pair of junior FitFlop? Those clever folks have applied their gate-correctional technology to the classic adult FitFlop to create some great styles to keep kids walking tall all Summer long. We've got the gorgeous printed liberty gogh and the Gemma sandal in very berry - two cute sandals form the good people at Fit Flop shoes.

Have a peep at our full selection of kids shoes here.

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