Friday, 15 June 2012

They will see us waving from such great heights

If the postal service are to be believed the subject of this Fridays late blog is pretty apt. (if you haven't hear the song we're waffling a about, do! Here's a link to the official video. That's right folks we're getting excited about heels.
Not the WAG-ish, trailer-trash type of death defying heels -  the ones that add height whilst violating health and safety guidelines wither you wonder. No, this week we're looking at some of the most exciting new works in footwear design.
Whilst at GDS this Spring we got all excited meeting Mr Julian Hakes. Doesn't sound like much of a shoe man to me, I hear you cry! And you'd be right, he's an architect by trade which explains the clear architectural bent in his latest show-stopping series of shoes. Inspired by a simple curl of lime peel at the bottom of his mojito. To find out how to make a great one, have a peep at the this recipe (zingy!) We purchased several colours from J Hakes Mojito range- these will be arriving in store this month! Jolly exciting indeed.
Speaking of brand new talent- we were thrilled to learn that ex-Tinfish employee Kimberly North had great success with her bionic degree show collection- not only selected for graduate fashion week, but! Also featured online at the upcoming. Spot Miss North here.

Right then all, have a lovely weekend, rain or shine( well, rain or torrential rain or drizzle, should we say)

Tinfish x.

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