Thursday, 23 June 2011

Happy Birthday to us!

Well, well, well, seem like its time for another update for the week. And what busy old bees we've been. Old being the operative word. Tinfish shoes is turning 20!! This weekend, just like the queen, we've decided to have 2 birthdays, but in a slightly more convenient twist, we've pasted them side by side this Saturday and Sunday (25th and 26th June).

Thinking on the birthday track, we've been very much enjoying the selection of birthday pictures at Awkward Family Photos. If any of you are unfamiliar with this online festival of childhood shame and awkwardness, you can laugh out loud at other people's cherished memories here.

So this week we've decided not to pursue our regular Big Wednesday treats. Now, although some of you might think this is miserly, just you wait till you pop in store over the weekend. As a very happy birthday to you gift, we'll be chopping 20% off everything in store and online. For the whole of Saturday and Sunday! I know unbelievable right? (Its normally the person having the birthday getting gifts not giving them out.)

Excuse the brief update, but up to our eyes in helium balloons, streamers and discount stickers.

I suppose we should spare a thought for the lovely miss white, as she wades through the Glastonbury mud with a smile faithfully heading to see Prof green. Yes we know, what a guilty pleasure.

For now then, if any of you have a birthday reminiscence to share with us, or any musical guilty pleasures for this year, do feel free to comment below.

Tinfish x

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