Friday, 17 June 2011

Espadrilles and festivals!

E- specially for you all this week, we've gotten our hands on some more of whats quickly becoming the shoe du jour for all faithfull followers of fashion this season, yup that's right- the espadrille.

S-o summer and lovely are these fab shoes, that we have in fact sold out of the Havaianas espadrilles once already! But, fear not footwear fans; our latest shipment of these amazingly comfortable slip-ons arrived yesterday- but they are zooming off the shelves fast. On a classic Havaianas style flip flop sole with a light canvas upper- they can even be popped into the wash on a cool/handwash cycle and let to air dry, any time you need to spruce them up.

P-erhaps because of their easy comfort level and summery care free pull-me-on-kick-me-off vibes, these shoes seem to scream summer!

A-ny tempted espadrille-enthusiasts can find out more about these great Havaianas incarnations here.

D-edicated as per, to a little pursuit of shoe geekery, I've delved into a bit of espadrille research. Although the word espadrille is french, the froggies got their name for the shoes from the Catalan espadenya which in turn comes from the naem of a touch grass used for making rope. Apparently espadrilles have been made in Catalonia as back as far at the 14th century (wowser!).

R-eally dedicated silver screen fans will be interested to know that the lovely Lauren Bacall made espadrilles famous when she wore a pair whilst starring in Key Largo (1948) alongside the vertically challenged but no less dishy Humphrey Bogart. Pictured right (isn't she lovely?)

I-n fact, as I draft this post, I'm even sporting a pair. (talk about believing you own hype!) not quite the ankle-strapping beauties that Ms.Bacall's wearing here, but some of the lace-up variety. A kind of dek's/espadrilles love-child, you might say.

L-ovely and comfy, my pair are by Pipps, a summer new-comer to Tinfish!Lace-up slip-on and even sling-back these shoes hit instore and online this week and, like their Havaianas counterpart are proving to be a real mover and shaker.

L-ike the Havaianas, Pipps are an absolute snip, at only 15 notes per pair, you can find out more about them here.

E-nough wiht the espadrilles, you might be thinking, so I'll use the rest of this short time in blogg-kingdom to update you on the latest of our weekly BIG Wednesday treats.

S-ince its festival season, between us the fishettes will be attending: Bestival, Sonisphere, Glastonbury, possibly Summer Sunday and there's a scant chance one of us might be attending ATP- it's exhausting even thinking about it!! With the exception of ATP, all of these musical wonders presents something of a footwear challenge. SO this week we've given everyone a chance to stay dry and stylish, without being shackled to a pair of hunters, or adopting the sainos-bag-over-foot look. We've taken 25% off Posh Wellies, Moonstone.

That's just about it for this weeks whistle-stop festival espadrille extravaganza. Espadrille fan or not please leave us a few comments below.

Next week, we'll be inviting you to an exclusive celebration of our 20 years in footwear, and updating you on plans for Independent retailers day here in good old Leicester. Also, a little more shoes geeking and big Wednesday treating.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Tinfish xx

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