Friday, 10 June 2011

Grandaddys of style

Hello again! If you've ever racially stereotyped the dutch as simple lovers of good hash cakes and finely tuned bicycles, then shame on you!

Did you know they also make great sneakers? The good people at Goliath have been producing precision engineered sneakers since the opoening of hteir first factory in Tillburg, the Netherlands in 1925. Oringinally producing football boots in winter and cricket shoes in summer they have since expanded their style ranges, keeping the classic vintage sportswear look and adding a 21st century twist. This week we've applied our Big Wednesday 20% to Goliaths mighty Boycott sneakers in a lovely yellow/grey and navy/khaki colour-combo.

One of the things we love about this shoe is its slight grandad chic. As a proud lover of my grandparents cast-offs, I seem to get most of my style from somewhere between old slacks from my Gramps and deliciously hideous blouses from my Nanna. That being the case, its pretty fortunate that vintage clothes are in something of a boom at the moment. Here in Leicester (where we are) the latest fairs in the sumtuous surroundings of the cathederal caused a real boom!

On the grandad trail, none other than Mr. Robbie Williams has decided to name his forthcoming men's fashion lable Farrell. No, this is not after cheeky-chappy and all round Irish hearthrob Colin, or well known american hip-hop ledgend Farrell Wiliams; but in fact, after his grand-daddy-o Jack. Ah, how sweet! The collection should be appearing in House of Fraser this coming Autumn.

Now then ladies, don't think we've forgotten you! This week blink Lyric in both Dark Brown and Bronze have been given that 20% touch too. These beaded, all-leather sandals with a heel zip are a lovely option for anoyone wanting to head down the easy-glamour maxi-skirt route this season. Super-flats seem to be all over the place this season, whether the un-assuming ballet pump or the centurian-esq gladiator sandal, its look like comfort might be key for this summer look.

Here at Tinfish we've been getting very excited about Independant Retailers Month, this coming July, and especially, Independant Retailers Day, on July 4th. A lovely day aimed to encourage consumers to buy at least one thing from their local indie retailer. You can find out a little bit more about it here. If you've got any ideas how we can celebrate down here in shoe-land then please leave your comments below!

Thats about all for this Friday's speedy blog,

Next Time: another Big Wednesday dealio, another update on plans for independant retailers day, and possibly a touch more shoe-history


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